Entry: Hola Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hi there everyone! Thank you for stopping by to my blog =)

Been wanting to have one since years ago, and now I finally do! Woohoo…

Thanks a lot to my bestie, Openg, for helpin' me making this since I was kinda "blogging-blind"…

I'm not much of a writer but I do love to write sometimes, spew my "melodramatic" side, opinions, silly thoughts, bitchiness, or just sharing my so-so yet bizarre life…

Gonna write both in Bahasa Indonesia and English, I hope you guys would enjoy the reading, and feel free to have your say, okay?

Read on!




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hope your stay
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Oh... kenalan Bule Ngehe juga ya... ;)
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September 4, 2008   02:26 PM PDT
selesai juga gue baca semua tulisan lo...

May 31, 2008   03:08 PM PDT
ahhh, selesai juga baca blog mu Neng Tep... lain kali mah di - archive atuh ah, jadi sini klik2 nya ga banyak2 amattt...

salam sahabat (taelah!!!!)

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